Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream.... It's free!

Second week of TpT Sellers Challenge!
This week is all about dreaming big, after all it's free right?
What things  do you dream to do or what places  do you dream to go with the help of your TpT business?
Let me tell you, I have so many dreams! However, if I would have to narrow it down to three, I think they would be:

My first dream is not really for's for my son who dreams about signing up for this soccer camp at FC Barcelona, one of the best soccer clubs in Spain, recently winners of three cups. Maybe you heard of it. Famous soccer players such as Messi (from Argentina), Neymar (from Brazil), and Suarez (from Uruguay) are part of this team, just to name a few.
Every summer they host a two-week soccer camp for kids, all day training with some of the best coaches you can ask for. Of course, it's not cheap. And of course, he could not go by himself, he is only 15, so the three of us have to go. Besides Barcelona is such a beautiful city, we have to go!

My second dream is to have our own swimming pool! Who wouldn't like that!? Specially if you live in Florida, where you can enjoy the pool pretty much year round. We have access to the community pool, but you know it's not the same as to have it in your own backyard.
Wouldn't look great? Yep...that would be me, LOL!

My third dream I think it's every parent's dream: to be able to pay for your kids college.
So there you have three dreams. We are so lucky that dreaming doesn't cost a thing!


  1. I love your vision of your swimming pool! SO cute! You sound like a wonderful mama--so many aspirations for your child(ren) : )

    The Sassy Sub

  2. Looks like you have the perfect yard for a swimming pool! Good luck to you.

  3. Wow - soccer camp in Barcelona! That sounds like a dream and I hope you all get there!!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle