Saturday, June 13, 2015

Did someone say Field Trip?

Is it just me, or you too get a little bit of a headache as soon as there is a field trip on the horizon?
I love field trips, don't get me wrong! Having the opportunity to get out of the classroom and break the routine to do something different and fun it's really awesome, but it's so much to do and to think about before we can even get one foot on that bus. Tell me about it! Collecting money, writing receipts, permission slips, who can chaperone, who is going to bring lunch from home, who is going to need lunch from school, who needs medicine to bring along, things to bring on the trip, what if someone gets lost???
Well, one way to make things run a little more smoothly it's to keep it organized. With that in mind, I started working on this package a while ago, and I just finished it today. And the best thing is that is on sale for $1, just for today!

Here is a preview:

This package includes:
- Variety of class checklists to keep track of students attending, permission slips, money collected, chaperones, emergency information, etc. (provided in black and white and full color).

- Don’t forget to bring list (black and white, and full color). Editable: you may need different things for different field trips, so you can just edit accordingly.

- “If I get lost” tags (full color) Compatible with Avery labels 8164 (prints 6 per page). However, you don’t have to print on adhesive labels. You can print on regular paper or card stock, laminate, and you have your tags. They are editable so you can type the school name and your phone number before printing.
- Activities for before and after the field trip.
- Letter to send home (editable).
- Full color covers for your Field Trip Binder. I’ve included several choices. These are also editable, so you can type your name.

Well, hopefully your next field trip (and mine!) will be much less stressful, and much more enjoyable and memorable! 

Thanks for reading!

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