Friday, July 3, 2015

Five For Friday! Introducing the twins!

Very exciting week, with so many good things happening! Can't wait to tell you all about it!

 After a week of hanging clothes out to dry, we finally made a decision and got the washer and drier duo! We got them from Home Depot that were having a special; they give you 18 months to pay with no interest. So, we decided to go for it, and bought them.
And here are the twins! (What did you think I was talking about? LOL)
They come with steam, which is supposed to be really helpful to get rid of tough stains (washer) and for wrinkles as well (drier). They are also energy efficient, and the washer saves water. What else can I ask for?

The pedestals you see at the bottom are from my old units. They told us we had to buy new ones, as they wouldn't fit since they were from a different brand. But guess what, my husband is so handy, he made them fit! That saved us around $500, as each pedestal was $249. Just that made my day!

The other fantastic news is that last Tuesday Argentina won against Paraguay by scoring 6 goals against 1! What a game! My neighbors probably thought someone was being murdered in my house LOL!
Now the big final tomorrow against Chile for the Cup of America! Vamos Argentina!

 Last Monday our Kindergarten team had to go back to school just for a few hours. They wanted us to clean up our storage area, which looked like a hurricane went through it. We didn't take before pictures (can't believe I forgot!) but this is how it looked like after we were done. Now you can actually walk inside!

 You wouldn't believe all the garbage we took out. We could have easily filled a small dumpster!

After procrastinating for about a month, I finally decided to do something about my toes! They really needed help! I had to do it in my patio so my husband wouldn't complain about the nail polish smell, but now they look like my toes again! Next week will be my hair's turn! I'm going to the hair salon for that!

 After waiting for a looong while for the books I wanted to read to become available at the library, all of the sudden, got the notice that three of them were ready to download, so here they are in my Kindle:

Which one should I read first??? Any suggestions?

As always, thank you for reading! Have a fantastic 4th of July! If you hear screaming, don't be alarmed, It's just me watching the soccer game! LOL!


  1. Love your blog and your Five for Friday! Totally with you on the nail varnish front, it makes such a difference! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for your comment. You too have a nice weekend. I started following your blog today!

  2. Kindergarten teachers require stuff. You're awfully lucky to have an extra storage space! I haven't read ay of those titles yet, but have heard good things about The Silent Wife.

  3. We do have great space for storage, thank goodness! You are right, kindergarten teachers need room! Just our "Water Day" stuff takes a whole section of the room!
    Thank you for your comment, and for stopping by!

  4. Hi, I came across your blog while searching for numbers. I am creating a website because my 5th graders are starting a Passion Project and I am writing all the steps. I really like your numbers 1 through 5. I was wondering if I may use them and if you have numbers 6,7 and 8. My email is

    1. Hi, Anna, sorry it took me this long to answer back to you, but I didn't see this comment until today! So sorry! I imagine that by know you probably already found some cool numbers to use with your project. These numbers I purchased from DJ Inkers, they are included in a set called "Kids All Year." Because of copyrights laws I am not authorized to distribute in any way any of the graphics, but if you still need them, you can check in her website. Hope this helps!