Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday running a little late!

Running a little late today with my post, but someone once said that late it's better than never (or something like actually sounds better in Spanish).

 I had my hair done this week, and very happy with the results, no more grays peeking at me!!! However, my hairdresser mentioned something a bit disturbing about my Wen Cleansing Conditioner. She said that there is a lawsuit against Chaz Dean because apparently some people have been suffering serious hair loss since using Wen. They claim that they have bold spots because of Wen products. I've been using nothing else but Wen for over 2 years, and honestly, I can't tell that I'm losing more hair than I would normally do. I decided to google it, and I was alarmed at the number of people with similar claims. It just doesn't make sense how something that makes your hair look so healthy can be so bad! Do you believe it? Can it be?

Today I received my order from Carson Dellosa! I got some Boho Birds items for my classroom. This has been my theme for the past 2 years, birds and clouds. Today I got some file folders, some library pockets which I use as student's bucks holders (the mustang bucks they receive as part of the PBIS program in our school). I normally use the ones from the dollar store, but this year I wanted some with birds on them. Of course I will laminate them to make them more durable, and since I am the recycle girl, I will write the names after they are laminated, so I can reuse them the following year.
I also got some small bird stickers to use on my Sight Word Poster Chart. In the past I used little stars, but I saw the little birds, and couldn't resist! They are so cute!

 This week I made a trip to the dollar store. I haven't been there for a while, and I found some more library pockets. I got all the three packets they had left! I love library pockets to make games and activities for my centers. The trick is to laminate them before using them. Once laminated they last, and do not break that easily. After laminating them, you just need to trace the opening with a push pin, or needle, and then you can open them.

I finished some new games for literacy centers for Letters and Sounds and CVC words. I can't wait to use them. I loved the idea of making them around a Carnival theme. I had so much fun making them, hopefully my students will have fun playing with them!

Since I found all those library pockets, at the dollar store, I decided to put them to good use and make a literacy center for CVC Words. Basically students slide the card and letter by letter they sound out the word. To check themselves, the picture is also included in the card. After spenging my afternoon laminating pockets and cards and cutting, they came out really good (now you know why I was running late with my post!) I used a different color for each vowel. I haven't finished this for posting in my store yet, but I will probably finish it this weekend.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your Carson Dellosa decor! Adorable!

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  2. Our first grade team is using carnival games for their hall theme. I'll pass the word to them about your games.

  3. Love those Boho Birds. What a great idea using those library pockets! I would use them for my classroom helper charts!

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  4. Your classroom decor is so cute! It's so awesome that you found so much you can use in your room, right down to little bird stickers for your Sight Word chart, so awesome!! I too use library pocket for my kinders to keep their Golden Tickets, which is part of our school's PBIS program! Thanks so much for sharing so many awesome ways to use them!
    I had a great time reading your 5, so glad you shared with us!! Have an amazing weekend!!

    Kindergarten Dragons