Friday, July 17, 2015

Five for Friday

Welcome one more time to this wonderful weekly linky hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching. Here are my five randoms for the week:

For a while now I've noticed that my nails started to peel. I had never had that problem before, so this week I started taking this pills, hoping to get stronger nails and better hair. According to some customers reviews Biotin really works, so I'll give it a month. We'll see if it works as they say.

I finally started to get my things ready for school, we are getting closer and so fast. So, I decided to stop procrastinating and went to my car and got my classroom's stuffed animals. They have been in my trunk since school finished! I gave them all a wash and now they smell so nice! 
Students love to read to a stuffed animal! I'm sure they will love it even more if the animals smell nice and clean! I know I would!

 In the back of my truck, I also found my apron! I love this thing! It has about 5 pockets (one has a zipper). I use it every day to hold just about anything! (dry-erase markers, PBIS money, clinic passes, pens, etc.) But, it also needed a good wash.
Here it is nice and clean! I got this one from the Apron Addict at Etsy. This one has birds, but she makes them with everything you can think of.

 I almost had a heart attack when I saw my electric bill! From $136 we went to $178!!! I know in the summer it goes up because of the A/C (we live in Florida), but since we got the new A/C unit which is more efficient and energy saving, I never had a bill this high! So what happened here?
I think it was the old drier that kept shutting off every 2 minutes, and every time we turned it back on, I knew it was sucking that electricity because the lights would dim a little for a second or two. Since we bought the new drier, I haven't noticed the lights doing that. This drier is supposed to save energy, so in the next bill I should see a considerable decrease...I hope!

Yesterday I finished my Pete the Cat unit with this craft, hopping I can make this with my new students during the first days of school. Last year I made a mouse, for If You Take A Mouse to School unit, but I was trying to do something new. I like how the shoes turned out, I think I will use patterned paper, just like the model.
Anyway, if you are interested, this unit is for $1 just for a few more hours, then it will go to regular price. Perfect timing since TpT removed the $3 dollar minimum purchase, so now you can spend as little as a dollar, and you purchase will go through.

As always, thank you for reading, and have a marvelous weekend.


  1. I can't wait to hear how your nails do, I hope it works well for you!! My kinders LOVE reading to stuffed animals, they can be so cute to listen to!! :-) I really love your apron, I'm definitely going to check out her Etsy store!! Thank you so much for sharing your Pete activities for such an incredible price, I scooped one up and can't wait to use it with my kinders this year!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your 5, I had a great time reading them!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  2. Hi Erin, thank you for reading my 5's!
    And thank you very much for giving my Pete the Cat unit a try! Hope you and your class enjoy it and have lost of fun with it!

  3. That Pete the Cat unit looks super cute! I hope your nails recover-I played around with mine a lot this summer (jamberries, nail stickers, lots of colors...), so I am having a similar problem. So, I'm trying out coconut oil+frankincense and hoping they get back to normal in time for back to school!
    Applelight Moments By Stephanie