Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spotlight Saturday for Kissing Hand Unit!

Welcome to another week of Spotlight Saturday, hosted by KINDERGARTEN DRAGONS! If you haven't heard of it, this is like a Show and Tell for teachers to share resources, ideas, or tips. Isn't it wonderful? To learn more about it, click on this image:

My Spotlight Saturday this week is for my unit on the Kissing Hand!

This was my first week of school, and of course was all about the Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.
However, this year instead of reading the book myself, I tried playing the version, read by Barbara Bain. I noticed that by using this resource, students were so much more focused on the story than in the past when I read the book aloud!

After listening to this book we worked on several activities. We made hand prints for the Kissing Hand poem:

We made this adorable Kissing Hand magnets with wooden hands from A. C. Moore (you can also find them at Michaels. Students painted them using skin color paint. With a Sharpie I wrote the student name and year on the back. I hot glued a small heart button on the front (a heart shaped sticker or jewel would work too), and a craft magnet on the back. I put it in a small plastic bag along with the card you see in this picture.

And of course, we also did some writing to go with our Chester craft:

I can't tell you how much fun these kids had making Chester! In addition it was a great exercise for learning to follow directions!
The picture above shows one of the writing templates I made, which happens to be the one we used in our class. However, the packet includes several choices of templates for different levels of learners. It also includes all the activities shown in this post.
You can fin the Kissing Hand unit in my store, just click on the picture to go there.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading!


  1. I love all of your activities. I knew about Storyline, but I think I've been too overwhelmed to remember to go check it out. Because of your post, I am going to change up our First Day tomorrow. Parents are allowed to stay for a little bit and I am going to use the video to share the story with both the kinder-bears and their parents and grandparents and then, use it as a segue to get the parents out the door and on their way to our Boo-Hoo Breakfast. Thank you.

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