Friday, January 29, 2016

Five for Friday and the 100th Day of School!!!

Thank you Doodle Bugs for another week of Five for Friday! It's been a while, but I'm back!!
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  Here we go with the highlights of the week:

 I finally got around to finish my unit on "The Little Mermaid", just in time for our field trip next week. We are going to see this wonderful musical, presented at a local high school!!! I am so excited! My class can't wait to see this show and sing along the songs! Hope my students enjoy these activities as well! By the way, this unite is in sale for $1 for a limited time!

 Another thing I've been working on was a unit based on the book "The Hat" by Jan Brett. We had read "The Mitten" and now was time to introduce my second favorite book.

This week was our 100th day of school! It's hard to believe that we have only 80 days left! Wow! Time really does fly when you are having fun!
We had to work on so many things, so many preparations for the big day! One of the big hits was making the 100th day necklace with 100 beads, of course! I got pony beads in 10 different colors, and it worked perfectly. We used tipped laces from Oriental Trading, which made it really easy to pass the beads through. These necklaces came out really cute!

We cut these vests our of bulletin board paper and sent home for students to decorate with 100 things. This was one of the best! The kids wore the vest for our 100th day parade. So much fun!

Finally this week I got around to hang up our penguins! They came out so cute, but I couldn't find the time to hang them up! Now they look so happy looking down at me!

The prompt was: "Penguins are great because..." students came out with really good sentences, but my favorite probably was: "Penguins are great because they huddle together to stay warm." By the way, you can find this craft and prompts in my store...just click on the picture.

It was really fun to work on this post for "Five for Friday" again. Hope it was fun for you to read it too! Thank you very much for your time! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your 100th Day vests! What a fun way to show off their "style" in a parade!

    A Very Curious Class

  2. I REALLY love your 100th day vest!! Great idea! We are getting ready to mark our 100th day here in a couple of weeks. We've had some snow days so we are little behind everyone else. I also love your penguin activity. So cute!

  3. What a fun way to show off their "style" in a parade!