Sunday, January 3, 2016

Where did the Winter Break Go?

My goodness! This winter break went so fast!!!  I wish everyone has a terrific 2016, filled with fantastic memories to last a life long.
Now, it's the last chance to start thinking about next week, if you haven't done that yet!
Do you have your plans, books, activities, materials, etc. together? Are you ready to come back to school?? I think I am ready-ish...
These are some of the things I've been working on during this break which I plan to use during the next several weeks.

First, things first. We'll celebrate the arrival of 2016 and we'll work on this New Year brochure, crown, and  super easy to make craft:

For journal writing, my class have been using monthly bookmarks with theme words and pictures that help them to read the words. These bookmarks are very helpful, and after a few modeling sessions, my students work with them on their own. As a matter of fact, that is their morning work: writing on their journals using the words from the journal helper. However, these old bookmarks lacked space and I really wanted more room to include sight words and vocabulary words we might be working on, so I came up with these new Monthly Journal Helper Bookmarks:

I'm truly excited to present this enhanced tool to my students! They already know how to use the old ones,  so I'm sure they'll have no difficulties using these!

One of my favorite themes coming up is SNOWMEN! I had to make a flipbook to add to my collection of related activities. This flipbook includes a cut and paste sheet with pictures showing each step to build a snowman. Students cut the pictures and glue them in order, and then, they write about each step, describing what it is in the pictures. Easy and simple!

Of course, winter wouldn't be the same without a unit based on The Mitten, by Jan Brett. I decided to make a book report in a brochure format and fun retelling, hands-on activities:

Last, sometime this quarter we'll be working on nouns and verbs, so I made these interactive brochures:

Hoping that you enjoyed this reading, and that maybe I gave you some ideas, I'm closing this post with a Goodbye and a See You Soon! Let's hope 2016 it's the year we all have been waiting for! The year we all can look back and say: this was my most successful year yet!

 Thank you so much for reading!

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